Online Articles Reading Journal - Notion Template

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Keeping track of online articles from various sources. It can be used as a reference journal.

Earlier, I used some bookmarking apps, but I'm missing the ability to rate the articles. As a journalist, so I need extensive reference documentation and a bibliography for an article. I have combined bookmarking and reference systems in this notion template.

  • You can use Notion Webclipper to save it to this page. Add all other details.
  • If you want to rate your content, you can do so.
  • It is possible to delete a few contents using the storage filter as well as store many contents using the storage filter.
  • The Article database offers six views based on your rating, brand, read status, and date.
  • You can also highlight a piece of content and store it on a Notes page. The content should be highlighted by changing the color, copying it, paste & synced into the Notes page.
  • Notion Template

  • Notion Template
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Online Articles Reading Journal - Notion Template

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